Lambda School for eCommerce

I’ve been following the Lamba School with some interest now for a little while, and they seem to be doing amazingly well.

The way that they work is they invest in students by offering a world-class education in web development and other highly in-demand careers completely for free — no tuition, no loans. The way they make money is by charging students a percentage of their salary only if they make more than $50k/year.

I think it’s a fantastic model that solves for some of the major issues plaguing students these days. It would be interesting to see something like this in the Magento space, or perhaps more broadly in the ecommerce space.

This could fit, of course, very well with what I’m up to at Commerce Hero, as we already have existing demand from employers for developers with a certain skill set.

This is also something I’d potentially be interested in investing in. Of course, I’d need to partner with someone that is pretty deep into technical developer training. So if that’s you, hit me up!