Podcast donations by voice

I’ve been listening to some of the donation drive stuff lately on podcasts that are supported by public radio like Radiolab and some of the Guy Raz stuff, and had a thought.

I’m generally not that into giving to public radio type stuff—the asking usually annoys me and makes me think that they should just have advertisers—even though I do like the idea in theory of non-advertiser-supported content, but in practice it just kind of annoys me.

But I had a thought that even though it kind of annoys me and I’m not that into it, if there was a way to give a relatively small amount just over voice while I was walking my dog, I might do it.

Reducing friction in transactions always increases transaction volume, and there is something so powerfully human about a podcaster saying “hey if you want to give $2 to support us just say ‘okay cool’ right now” and to be able to execute that transaction just by saying “okay cool” or some other phrase.

There’s a very deep connection I think that podcast listeners have to the podcasters they listen to - many times they listen in long form over a long period of time, and it feels like there’s a relationship there. To be able to respond in what would feel like real time to someone you trust deeply via voice feels like it would be such a powerfully human transaction that it would lead to a new wave of financial support for podcasters.