Business ideas! Get your business ideas!

When it comes to building a business, I tend to be better at some parts than others. Where I think I’m pretty decent is in the early stages:

  • Finding a niche
  • Picking a name
  • Standing up a site
  • Designing the brand
  • Finding the audience
  • Setting the pricing
  • Figuring out how to do outreach to the audience
  • Getting some initial validation and traction—heck, maybe even a few pre-sales

I tend to be able to do all of that fairly well—where I’m not so great is in scaling the operations of the business afterwards. Although I’m getting better!

But I had a random thought just now—I wonder if I could do all of those initial things for a business and then sell it. Matter of fact, I wonder if anyone does that kind of thing.

I can imagine that people sell business plans. But I’m not really a fan of business plans personally—I’m usually more interested in getting something actually off the ground and to get some initial traction on it.

So it would be something in between a business plan and a fully functional profitable business.

Maybe that’s not practical because as good as the initial setup is, there tends to always be some uncomfortable and awkward pivoting and tweaking in the early stages of a business to find product/market fit.

Just a thought…would be fun to take a month to build out the subscription bananas business with someone to hand it off to afterwards.